The Muslim American Community Tribute - Muhammad the Prophet a Salaf
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Sister Martha interview of Bunia Muhammad
Sister Martha Nailah Abdullah the Executive Director of CWSC interviews Bunia Muhammad the representative of the Associates of Imam Mohammad (AIM) Mosques Cares/WDM Ministry.

Reported in the Hadith of Muhammed the Prophet "I am the best Salafi for You"

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 Our Prophet said  "adhered to that which will benefit you and seek Allahs help and do not be helpless." 
 And Allah said you alone we worship  and you alone we ask for help, for each and everything' Quran Al- Satifah 1:15.

Our goal is to contribute and provide our students with the purest form of knowledge wisdom and understand striving for obedience to Allah, through knowledge and truth of the Qur,an and practice of the authentic Sunnah of 
Prophet Mu-hammed as  understand Salas-US-Saalih,(The righteous predecessors)and to provide excellent academic  education.

 We offer muslin families and association with Eman WD Muhammed, to return there children back to authentic practices and methodology (Minhaj Al-muslim) of the Ummah of Khalifat - Allah, has been successfully established over 1400 years ago, when  prophet Muhammed (SAWS ORashidun Caliphs) had reformed Arabia.

 We are fulfilling our legacy and leadership to reform America and the World. ( Advancing as an Islamic Empire). And maintaining the Muslim American sacrifices and the work of the nation of Islam  Elijah Muhammad and my father EMAN WD  Muhammad. And now through his son and my brother / Kalif Wallace D MuhammEd ii of WDM Ministry , The Mosque here (AIM) and the supreme Islamic (Majalis Shura) constitution committee. Moreover we fight in the cause of Allah.
We fight for what is right with unity as power. Insha Allah.

Fore more information read the book ....

In paying tribute and contribution to the history and American Society of Muslims and all living legacy, the history of Muslim African Americans. 
I would recommend your reviewing the original article links and reading WDM Publications Books, CDs, DVDs and Audio Downloads provided websites these page to continue to build our Muslim life for you and African American Identity. 
By: Bunia Muhammad

New Book release by Bunia Muhammad aka Russell Tinsley

Now the new book is available for purchase you may click the image below.

The African American Muslim Leadership Reformed Taking On The Responsibility to Lead Humanity 

Link to Khalid Yasin's youtube channel
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Muhammad the Man and His Message by Khalid Yasin | HD
Muhammad, the Man & his Message by Khalid YasinThis is a lecture about the real Prophet Muhammad (saws).1426 years ago a man known as Muhammad was chosen by Allah (the Most High) to deliver a mess...

Link to 1Islam Productions

Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet

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