The Muslim American Community Tribute - Muslim Believers Poor Do Zakat
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Sister Martha interview of Bunia Muhammad
Sister Martha Nailah Abdullah the Executive Director of CWSC interviews Bunia Muhammad the representative of the Associates of Imam Mohammad (AIM) Mosques Cares/WDM Ministry.

New Book release by Bunia Muhammad aka Russell Tinsley

Now the new book is available for purchase you may click the image below.

Muslim Believers Poor Do Zakat Charity Foundation

As of today February 18th, Bunia Muhammad's special announcements publicly are from his Muslim American community tribute into to the universality of the nation of Islam or the world community of Al-Islam'. Muslim believers will be implementing his Central Masjid Al-Taquah's (Majalis Ash-Shura) (Ulanaa) to establish the first International Central Muslim Bank - Bayt Al-Mal - (the treasurer). Zakat adapting finance to Al-Islan and from out late leader Inan W. Deen Mohammed's main concern: "We must change the economics in the African American and the Muslim community as a whole". 

It is Bunia Muhammad' main concern to help protect the community of Inan W. Deen Mohammed's, with the first International Muslim treasurer with the Bank Of America under Qur'anic Law in the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and with the new Muslim Believers Poor Do Zakat Charity Foundation. Inshaallah.

For more information on the Poor Do or Zakat please read the Noble Qur'an Surah two Al-Baqarah, "Ayats 177, 215 and 273: it is Allah who tells us: "Charity is for Fugara (The Poor), who in Allah' cause is restricted". Also, read Surah 93 Ad-Duha Ayat8, Surah 107 L-Naur, and the Ayat is number 3.

And in the Hadith it's recorded as saying narrated by Abu Hurairah: The Profit said " the one that looks after a widow or a poor person is like a Mujahid (fighter) who fights for a lost cause, or like him who performs prayers all the nights and fasts all the days"(Sahih All-Bukhari, 7/5343 O.P.265)

I Bunia Muhammad's am writing to personally invite you to send your submissions for full filling Zakat. Please order and read this book, as it is stated in this book that: "Zakat is a mandatory religious duty for Muslims" (Precepts dealing with Poor Due).

In addition, the associates of Inan Mohammed's (AIM) are being commanded to send your Zakat to the Bayt Al-Mal (the treasury) and we suggest and recommend those who are poor and restricted or not wealthy enough to pay Zakat but needs Zakat paid out to them as Muslims. Please submit your Zakat need request form below to the Muslim American Communities Central Masjid Al-Taqwah Bayt Elmal ( the treasury) right now.

Inan W. Deen Muhammed's economical main Concern ("we must change the economics in the African-American Muslim community as a whole") begins now!  

I advise the entire international world community of al-Islam wealthy Muslim believers to pay zakat, in Alla's cause to the first International Central Muslim bank - Bayt Al-Mal (the treasurer) of the el Taqwah in association with the community of Inan W. Deen Muhammed's.

Donate And Pay Zakat Now!
To The Muslim Believers Poor Do Zakat Charity Foundation.
Make Cheque, Money Order, Electronic Money Transfer Payable Too 

Please send it to: 
Russel Tinsley c/o Bank of America
P.O. Box 105576 Atlanta, GA 30348
Account Number: 38105172350
Call to speak to Bunia Muhammad - 702-850-2393 Ext. 105 OR Toll Free 888-202-1699 EXT. 105

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